Was Your Child Injured at Birth?

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Birth Injuries in Boca Raton

A brain injury during birth is difficult for any family. Oftentimes doctors will be unable to determine if the child will fully recover until they get older, if at all. Your child deserves every resource at the medical field’s disposal to help them recover or adjust to this condition, and it should be the responsibility of the medical staff that caused the interest to cover the expenses.

You have a new child and an unexpected condition to deal with, the thought of handling a lawsuit is probably more stress than you need. Thankfully, a capable lawyer can handle the bulk of the legal work for you so that you can secure your family’s financial future while attending to your child’s wellbeing.

Start discussing your case with a knowledgeable Boca Raton infant brain injury at no charge by calling (561) 981‑8881 and scheduling a free case evaluation.

Stay Involved In Your Case Without Adding to Your Stress

At Somera & Silva, LLP, we are 100% dedicated to our clients. Many of the cases we handle involve very personal and sensitive matters, and we know that our clients are counting on us to help them and their families. While we take the initiative in investigating cases and gathering evidence, we make it a priority to remain available to our clients and keep them updated every step of the way. As our client, you can focus on caring for your infant while retaining a firm understanding of how your claim is proceeding.

There are several medical services that can benefit a child with a brain injury, and a lawsuit can help you cover the expenses for many, if not all, of them for the duration of their life, including:

  • Imaging tests— CT scans, X-rays, etc.
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy
  • Counseling services
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Compensation to improve quality of life
  • Miscellaneous routine medical expenses required as a result of the injury

Security for the Future

As a new parent, you likely have many hopes for your child and expectations for the future. It may seem like a brain injury has thrown a wrench in those plans, but this does not mean your child cannot still live a rich and fulfilling life. With financial security, you can give your child every advantage it needs to live with their injury without worrying about what your family can afford. Our Boca Raton infant brain injury lawyers stop at nothing to achieve maximum recovery.

We work on contingency fees, so you do not owe us anything unless we obtain compensation for your case. Call us at (561) 981‑8881 to start discussing the details of your case.

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