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Protect Your Loved Ones: Do Not Text & Drive

Texting and driving is dangerous and, although most people are aware of the risks involved sending a message or email while operating a motor vehicle, many continue to partake in this dangerous habit, which actually increases the chance of a collision by 23 times. Drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and off the phone all year round, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, try to also keep in mind that safe driving practices are important to help ensure you are able to come home to the ones you love at the end of the day.

Below is a list of some reasons why you should never text while driving:

  • Texting and driving distracts you from the task at hand: When you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, your sole priority is to be aware of your surroundings and to always pay attention to the road in order to avoid any potentially dangerous obstacles. If you are texting or reading a message, you will not be able to react in time to any obstacles or hazards on the road, which means you can easily get involved in an accident. In fact, if you are driving 55 miles per hour and decide to look at a text for five seconds, you will have driven the length of a football field without ever having your eyes on the road.
  • Texting involves all three types of distracted driving: Generally, distracted driving can be separated into three different categories – manual, cognitive, and visual. When people choose to text and drive, they have to use one or both hands, look at the screen of their phone, and focus their attention on the content of their message. As such, this form of distracted driving encompasses every type, making it the most dangerous kind of behavior a person can engage in while driving.
  • Texting and driving leads to fatalities: Texting and driving might not always result in fatalities, but there are numerous statistics that show this behavior is frequently directly connected to traffic deaths. According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use leads to 1.6 million crashes every year and, moreover, texting and driving makes one six times more likely to cause a crash than drunk driving. Texting while driving is also particularly prevalent among teens. It is estimated that over 3,000 teens and young drivers die every year while texting and driving.

Everyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is trying to get somewhere. Make sure you are able to reach your destination and see the people who love this Valentine’s Day by engaging in safe driving practices. No text is worth your life or the lives of others on the road.

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